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What are IT Managed Services (MS)?

“Managed Services” is an industry buzzword that has been misunderstood by many Business Owners. Too many variations of IT Managed Services float around and it’s confusing. We are going with the definition, “Outsourcing of all, or part of information technology service needs such as 24×7 operations, and administration of network, security, operating systems, virtualization, malware, databases and storage to a service provider whose primary focus is to provide such services across a wide customer base”. A key test of IT Managed Services is whether the provider can provide these services agnostically, remotely, comprehensively and without a need for proprietary tools, or platforms.dunt.

What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

In the information technology world, a Managed Service Provider is company that provides partially or fully outsourced IT Support and management as a service (MaaS). When they managed all IT Support Management roles, they can handle any technology needs of a business.

What if we already have internal technical IT Support staff?

No problem! Many of our customers have a designated IT Support person or in-house IT department to handle day-to-day technical issues and minor network problems. These organizations often count on us for the most critical IT Support functions, such as strategic advice, technical projects, second opinions, IT security and advanced Business Applications support.

How would my business benefit from Managed IT Services?
  • Reduce Annual IT Costs, up to 30%
  • Reduce HR responsibilities and operational headaches
  • Improve network performance and access
  • Improve employee satisfaction with IT Services and Support
  • Ensure continuity in IT support personnel and structure
  • Receive piece of mind in knowing that true experts are managing your IT environment


What if I have a problem after business hours or over the weekend?

A dedicated IT Support Helpdesk Engineer is on call to assist you and can be reached by filling out our contact form.

We’re always losing files and spending hours looking for them. Can you help?

You bet. That’s one of the things we do for our IT Managed Services clients. We can help you to ensure your data turns into information and is used to help you manage your business better!

How do Managed Services work?

When engaging a managed service provider, you do not relinquish overall managerial control and responsibility for the IT operations being outsourced and thus remain accountable. Plus, you get to choose exactly which services you want managed externally, and which ones you’ll keep working on in-house.

The MSP will handle the often time-consuming, complex, repetitive, and arduous work involved. Outsourcing to a managed service provider is becoming a growing trend in business as more and more companies come to realize the benefits of moving many of their day-to-day operations to a third party.

What kind of companies are good candidate for managed services?

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries use Managed Services for a variety of different reasons.  Small to medium size companies use MSPs to provide full IT services so they can focus on their core business and maintain operational cost control.  Larger companies may use an MPS to augment the in house IT staff, having the MSP handle the more day to day tasks freeing up resources to complete more strategic projects.  Companies that need 24x7x365 monitoring and alert will engage an MSP to assist with that coverage.

What is your response time?

Customers can call our Help Desk 24×7 and a live technician will answer the call.  Response times to specific issues depend on the severity of the issue the client is facing.  Our goal is to meet your enterprise needs by maximizing uptime and addressing issues as soon as they occur.

What industries do you work with?

We are proud to have customers in most industries: Retail, Professional Services, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Hospitality and Not for Profit


What is virtualisation?

Virtualisation is the creation of a virtual (rather than physical) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or a network resource. Devices, applications and end users are able to interact with the virtual resource as if it were a real single logical resource. In its simplest form, virtualisation enables you to create multiple virtual servers on a single physical server, where traditionally you would have required a physical server for each function. More complex environments also benefit from this server consolidation but can also use virtualisation to deliver “highly available” server and storage solutions where hardware failure can be eliminated as a source of system downtime. Ask us how?msan tincidunt.

Why do I a need Disaster Recovery Plan?

There is one simple question to ask yourself to determine whether your business needs a disaster recovery plan: “Can my business continue to function without my critical data, applications and operations?”

The solutions are more cost effective and available than you might expect, from simple offsite back ups through to application failover we can advise you on a solution to match your needs, one that can be brought into operation when needed.


  • Machines and Hardware fail
  • People make mistakes
  • Nature is unpredictable
  • Customers expect you to be open and operational at all times

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